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Mumbai – A Place in India to Best Explore the Richness of Indian Culture

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and known as the Commerce Capital of India. In popular culture, the city is widely recognized as the City of Dreams and is the home to India’s bustling film industry called Bollywood. This fabulous, glamour filled city is not just the financial hub of India serving as the centre of all trading and investment related actions, but is also a melting point of varied culture. It is one of the largest cities and probably the most populated one in the country. It is home to the most number of rich Indians in any given city in India. It is one place where glamour is no unfamiliar term; the large shopping malls are filled with big label national and international brand outlets selling most distinguished commodities. It is the city that never sleeps and night is just the time when the day truly begins here. Also recognized as a World Alpha City it is one of the most celebrated cities in the country that experiences a continuous flow of visitors. The good thing is that the place is sufficiently filled with hotels with some of the hotels in Mumbai counted amongst the best hotels in India.

It is the venue of the world-famous festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi and Krishna Janmashtami. Here people from different religion and region live together in perfect harmony. Visit the highly revered temples, shrines, churches, or mosques to calm your mind as well as soul. Or, you could take a look at the scenic beaches that are generally full of people and tourists. Although there is simply a plethora of tourist attractions, your trip of the city is not necessarily always overwhelming. In fact, the city is tranquil in its own terms and gives tourists plenty of time to adjust themselves with the pace of the city. While you explore the city a couple of significant tourist attractions that you simply should not miss include:

Film City – Located in a locality of the city called Goregaon the Film City is one of the most popular places of interest. It is an integrated film studio covering acres of land. It is a place where you’ll find a city within a city, real-looking lakes, beautiful gardens, mountains, homes, villages, and many more. Apart from that it is also popular for being located close to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is a large beautiful park set in the midst of sky reaching concrete structures.

Banganga – It is a sacred water tank which is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year. A major landmark in the city, it is also significant archaeologically as it is believed that it was built in 12th century under the supervision of a Silhara dynasty minister.

Flora Fountain – It is one of the most well-known monumental landmarks of the city. Built in 1864, it is also known as Hutatma Chowk the structure is included in the list of heritage structures in the country by the federal government of India.

In a nutshell, Mumbai is certainly a place that you will like to visit during the vacation. It is a large storehouse of tourist attractions and allures. Apart from the attractions within the borders of the city there are a couple of other attractions that tourist often relish. Cruise from Mumbai to Goa being a highly popular activity.

Source by Ravinder Malik

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