Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and the Taj Mahal

Nalanda University in Bihar

Indian quite often intended as a means of religious expression. Both Buddhism and Islam are common religions in India and because of this, art is often found that represents both of these religions. I am particularly enamored with the sculptural pieces in Indian art. The Bodhisattva Avaolokiteshvara is an example of Indian sculpture originating from … Read more…

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Gurgaon – Real Estate Scenario

shopping in delhi

Gurgaon, a property market that has always witnessed demand on both fronts – residential as well as commercial, is among the most lucrative investment options for people in India and abroad. Nick named as the ‘Millennium City’, Gurgaon’s stars rose when India opened its doors to international market in the wake of liberalization and globalization. … Read more…

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Travel to Delhi

man in delhi

If you are looking forward to a long, relaxing and an adventurous, yet colorful vacation, then ‘incredible’ India is the place to be this winter. With a gamut of demographically and geographically diverse cultures and traditions, India will really be the terminus for the traveler in search of the ultimate travel extravaganza. There are two … Read more…

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The History of Hindu India

Dilli Haat Food Stall

The History of Hindu India (Part One) was developed by the editors of Hinduism Today magazine in collaboration with Dr. Shiva Bajpai, Professor Emeritus of History, California State University Northridge. It is intended to provide an authentic presentation of the history of India and Hinduism for use in American 6th grade social study classes, as … Read more…

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